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WSDAWashington Organic Producer (Grower) Certificate


The WSDA Organic Food Program's mission is to protect consumers and support the development of the organic industry by ensuring the integrity of organic products. The Organic Food Program (OFP) certifies organic crop and livestock producers. A producer is any person or organization who or which grows, raises or produces an agricultural product.

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USDAOrganic Handler Certificate


The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) certifies handlers of organic products through the Organic Food Program (OFP). Handlers include distributors, grocery distributors, fruit packers, marketing companies, brokers, warehouses, and other entities that sell, distribute, or pack organic food products

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WEPFrontier Natural Products Co-op Well Earth Partner


Frontier screens potential Well Earth suppliers with an extensive questionnaire, at least one on-site visit, and a thorough evaluation against specific criteria to assess product quality, operational sustainability, environmental practices, and social responsibility. The three-person Well Earth Review Team evaluates each supplier and accepts those who demonstrate commitment on all aspects of the assessment. Frontier works with accepted suppliers in a partnership to maximize high quality, organic agriculture and support environmental and social progress in the grower communities.

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