What is Well Earth?

wellearthlogoWell Earthâ„¢ is Frontier's proactive program to find and develop ethical sources of high quality products. It supports both our co-op's values and our mission to convert the world to organic and natural products. Well Earth promotes the sustainable production of natural and organic products and creates partnerships built upon a mutual respect for quality botanicals and sound social and environmental principles. It is part of a many faceted effort to provide our customers with high quality, socially responsible products that includes commitments to product quality, Fair Trade, organics, integrity, social responsibility and sustainable operations. The Well Earth program is built on our sourcing expertise resulting from over three decades of experience buying botanicals -- and meeting personally with growers -- from all over the world.

The Well Earth program is good for our suppliers, their communities, the environment, Frontier and consumers. Through this program, we are speeding the process of providing more organic, sustainable and ethically sourced products to our customers. By bringing high quality, socially responsible products to the marketplace, the program gives consumers the opportunity to use their purchases to influence the way the world does business.


Well Earth Supports

The Well Earth program supports suppliers committed to excelling five critical areas:

  • Worker safety and fair treatment
  • Sustainable production practices
  • Environmental impact
  • Regional and community impact
  • Product safety and quality

Well Earth Provides

  • A viable, stable and accessible market for raw materials
  • Technical and financial support
  • A long-term purchasing relationship that supports the producer's business
  • Community support through direct financial contributions
  • Ongoing performance incentives that reward quality, environmentally and socially responsible activities